Isle of Arran Adventure and Wellness weekend – 2nd -5th May 2024

Total – £699.00

£150 non-refundable deposit
Pay in full option also available.

Soul Adventure’s is offering their first off-Island visit to the Isle of Arran in September and we are that excited, we can’t wait to show you the best of Scotland’s Island life.

We want to offer you a long weekend of Wellness, Adventure, Time and Freedom, to simply be in the moment and get lost in the character of Arran. It is a place that stays with you, even when you leave. Arran’s stunning natural environment is a perfect haven for the incredible wildlife you will see. The Island hosts all of Scotland’s ‘Big Five’ species – with seals, otters, red deer, golden eagles and red squirrels aplenty.

We will be staying in Lagg, a cute and untouched hamlet on the Southern coast of Scotland. Lagg is home to one of Scotland’s top 10 beaches, the Silver Sands. The water is super clear and we’ll be sure to be using this stunning spot for our cold water sea dips before breakfast each day. Nearby to Silver Sands are the Giant’s Graves and Glenashdale Waterfalls; some of the best sights to see on Arran.

We have hired the Kilmory hall and hostel which is a beautiful little centre that is run by the local community. The centre has a wonderful bar attached, that is run by the local farmers. They run music nights at the weekend, and they are keen to welcome their Isle of Man guests. The accommodation is clean and warm, with plenty of space to relax in the evening. The accommodation is hostel style with en-suite bedrooms.

We’ll be leading a variety of spectacular adventures and wellness offerings during the weekend. However, our trip to the Holy Isle is by far going to be the most spectacular experience of the weekend.


Kayak or small ferry trip to the Holy Isle – you choose your mode of transport.

The Holy Isle is a Centre for World Peace and Health and is a small Island based a few miles off the East coast of Arran. The Holy Isle Project is directed and run by Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master in the Karma Kagyu tradition.

The Island is open for all, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike and you’ll be blown away the minute you step off your boat or kayak.

With a far reaching vision, the Holy Isle Project is working to address the spiritual value of land through restoring and conserving the natural ecology and the protection of wild animals, including the beautiful Eriskay ponies, Soay sheep and Saanen goats.

You’ll have the opportunity to walk to the top of Mullach Mor which is a juicy walk which offers amazing views across Arran. Alternatively, you can spend your time alone mixing with the Tibetan Buddhists exploring their magnificent gardens and embracing their wisdom.

Yoga and relaxation…

We’ll have full use of the Kilmory hall to lead all of our movement, yoga and relaxation sessions. We are lucky enough to have the beautiful soul Victoria O Dea making her way up from Liverpool to lead you through your daily yoga and relaxation practice. Victoria taught her first yoga class over 20 years ago when she worked for Japan airlines. Victoria taught Chi yoga and later went on to train as a yoga instructor after a transformative experience in India at a yoga retreat. Vic teaches a soulful and slow flow yoga, with mindful breathing.

Goat fell walk..

We have hired some of our friends on Arran who are qualified local guides to lead a walk to the summit of Goat fell. At 874m, Goat fell is the highest of the mountains on Arran. We’ll venture into the dramatic landscapes and panoramic vistas of this stunning fell, and if we’re lucky, we’ll spot some golden eagles soaring in the sky. If you’re not feeling energetic enough to tackle the Goat fell summit, you’re welcome to stay behind in Brodick and explore the castle and country park.

Machrie Moor Standing Stones walk…

We couldn’t visit Arran without a trip to this rich archaeological landscape which includes, standing stones, stone circles, burial cairns as well as hut circles. Prehistoric stone circles don’t get much more impressive than the Machrie Moor’s.

Glen Rosa waterfall walk and the blue pool…

This is wild river dip is the mother of all wild river dips. The Glen Rosa is a 4 mile loop walk which of course, will include a dip and picnic at this stunning wild swimming spot.
Evening walk, beach and fire activity
Our trusted guides on Arran will lead this activity to one of the secret gems of Arran – more information to follow.

What is included

• Accommodation
• All meals
• Guides
• Activities
• Holy Isle trip
• Ferry fare’s (including cabins on the return overnight ferry and CalMac ferry to Arran)
• Coach travel from the IOM

What’s not included

• Kayak to the Holy Isle (This activity is weather permitting and will need to be arranged 48 hours beforehand)
• Meal out on our final evening