Soul Adventures invites you to share your Cold Water Immersion Experience on a 1 to 1 session or with a group of like minded people. Step out of your busy life  for an hour and reconnect with that inner child and with nature.

We use a variety of different locations for our cold water therapy sessions, depending on the time of year, weather and the needs of the group.

Kate is a qualified in all her Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) Water Safety and Rescue Qualifications, including taking groups into the sea, rivers and still water. If we have a big group going into the sea, we use 2 qualified RLSS instructors for safety.

What is Cold Water Therapy FAQ’s

You may be familiar with WIM Hof and his ice baths, and you may have even tried cold showers, but what is cold water therapy? Put simply, it is a branch of cryotherapy and its common core is to improve your health. In our sessions, cold water is used to stimulate health benefits and aid with recovery. Our practice uses dynamic breathing techniques with cold water immersion to help your mind and body reset.
Active breathing is using the breath both consciously and purposefully to fully oxygenate the body, preparing you for your cold water immersion. Active breathing can increase your energy levels, detox your body, reduce stress and anxiety levels, strengthen your immune system and rebalance your nervous system.
Cold water therapy can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood and mental focus and increase your energy levels. The cold water can also improve your circulation and reduce inflammation, deepen your sleep and develop your resilience and confidence.
Frequent exposure to the cold has been linked to a variety of different health benefits. Exposure to the cold can speed up your metabolism and gently reset your nervous system, bringing a state of calm and clarity to the mind and body. Cold water therapy also releases noradrenaline (the sympthetic hormone) which awakens and re-energises the body. Our sessions also help reconnect you with nature which can boost your overall physical and mental health.
Cold water therapy and cold water exposure can help to reduce pain and muscle soreness - speeding up your recovery by constricting the blood vessels which can help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Cold water therapy can also shorten the recovery time of damaged muscles and aid muscle rehabilitation. It's for this reason that Cold water therapy is a common practice amoung many elite athletes and celebrities.
When you have booked your session, you will receive an email with everything you need to bring with you. We would suggest you arrive wearing warm and loose fitted clothing, with your swimwear underneath. When in the water you will benefit from wearing gloves, a beanie or bobble hat and sturdy footwear (sturdy pool shoes or old trainers are advised). For colder months we advise more layers. Upon leaving the water you will need a towel, gloves, thick socks and warm loose layers. Its important to get dry and warm after leaving the water, so don’t forget your dry shoes! A changing robe will be provided after your dip, as well as a hot drink.


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