This 3 hour workshop is about experiencing the transformative power of guided breathwork, heat and cold plunging… in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

In this 3hour experience, you will prepare the body with breathwork and some deep restorative yoga postures before exploring the benefits of hot and cold exposure as you cycle between the outdoor pool and sauna.

o Expand with breathwork practises activating your body & mind
o Dip into the wild fairy glen pool using breathing practises to calm yourself.
o Sweat it out in the Finnish-style sauna to clear and heat up
o Become empowered step into your day and face the world!

Connect with supportive wellness enthusiasts, and together we will embrace the cold, unlock our innate resilience, and discover our inner power and strength.

Become empowered step into your day and face the world!

What are the benefits?
Build resilience, focus, and confidence. Encourages muscle recovery, boosts immunity, stabilises the nervous system, and so much more!

You don’t need any previous experience to join us, so if you’re curious, that’s the only prerequisite to participating that you’ll need.

The workshop will be led by Kate & Mel who are both experienced facilitators.