Saturday 25th May 2024– 4:30am – 7:00am


Walk in wonder under the stars before experiencing dawn from the summit of Slieau Lhost.

Slieau Lhost is a beautiful little Manx hill that sits at a very manageable 445 metres. It’s only a short 25 minute walk to the summit, starting at Windy Corner. You get maximum views, for minimal (ish) effort – it is still a juicy little hill.

We’ll watch the beauty of the sunrise with our hot flasks of teas and coffee’s and allow the offering of a new day to fill us with new expectations and challenges.

The rhythm of nature is patterned and repetitive, soothing in its tempo. Allowing ourselves the space to witness the sunrise can be soothing on the nervous system, preparing our bodies for the cold water dip in a beautiful pool nestled in the Baldwin valley.

Slieau Lhost 1,460ft (445m)
The views from the top of Slieau Lhost are extensive over Douglas, looking over the to the Baldwin valleys, Snaefell and Laxey. It is the perfect spot to catch a sunrise.