First Sunrise of the New Year Walk with Breakfast

£22.00 2 hours

Location: Maughold Church
Date: Sun 1st January 2023 – 8:00am
Cost: £22.00


First Sunrise of the New Year Walk with Breakfast

First sunrise of the New Year walk with coffee and croissants

This has to be one of the finest 3 mile loop’s the Island has to offer.

This outstanding circular walk in the North of the Island shows you the very best of Maughold’s marvels and provides spectacular viewpoints whilst walking along a section of the Raad ny Foillan, the coastal footpath.

We’ll start our walk at the charming little hamlet of Maughold. We will make our way down to Port Mooar beach where we’ll pick up the Raad Ny Foiilan and make our way around the footpath to our stunning sunrise viewing spot near Maughold lighthouse.

This is the best view in the house to watch the sunrise and the best way to greet the New Year.

After we’ve seen in the year with the rising of the sun and the raising of our hopes for a good year ahead, we’ll make our way back to Maughold church where we’ll view the largest collection of carved Celtic and Viking Crosses in the grounds of St Maughold Church including one of the earliest examples of the Triskellion, the Manx three legs emblem.

Walk info: 3.5miles

Grading: Leisurely – medium. Some exposed costal footpaths with a 300ft of ascent.


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