Full Moon Lunar Liberation Wild Spa Evening

£99.00 5 hours

Saturday February 24th 2024
Location: The Mill House
2:00 – 7:00pm


Embrace the transformative energy of the full moon with our Lunar Liberation experience. Our 5 – hour early evening experience invites you to embark on a journey of release, renewal and rejuvenation.

We intentionally curated this experience to allow you to explore, connect and release, while embracing all of the elements of wellness.

The evening consists of a grounding fireside yin yoga practice, a fireside releasing exercise, relaxing in the wood-burning barrel sauna, jacuzzi, delicious homecooked food, wild river dip, massages and an opportunity to dip in our brand-new cold-water pod.

During the fire circle phase of the evening, you will engage in a releasing ceremony in which you will have the opportunity to release any attachments from the previous month. When you release attachments, such as old thought patterns, unprocessed emotions and limiting belief systems, it provides you with the opportunity to unravel a version of you that you’ve adopted along the way and sink into a more authentic version of you.


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