Gorge Walk With Dinner

£45.00 3 hours

Date: Sat 17th June 2023 | Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

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What Do You Do in Gorge Walking?

The activity of gorge walking involves adventure, exploration, and discovery as you overcome challenging boulders and sweeping becks throughout the gorge. An exploration through beautiful and natural rock formations and the discovery of the magnificent natural features within the gorge. To utilise the paths and challenges that the gorge has formed over thousands of years, trainers and visitors can take on the challenge and ascend or descend through the ravine.

As a gorge contains natural rock formations, chutes, and various challenges to overcome, we naturally want to conquer them. Therefore, the activity of gorge walking is a little more than the name suggests. Walking is certainly incorporated into the activity, but be prepared to have the time of your life whilst sliding, swimming, climbing, scrambling and stumbling your way up or down the gorge.

Hot soup, noa bread and homemade cakes are provided after the activity.

Kit List

During the gorge walking session you will be provided with a wetsuit and other appropriate safety equipment.  We do not provide footwear.

Swimwear to wear under wet suit.

Shorts to wear over the wet suit. – NOT ESSENTIAL

Warm socks.

Ideally walking boots with ankle support or trainers.

Thin soled shoes, sandals, crocs or wellies are not suitable.

All the above items will get wet.

In addition to the above please bring.

A complete set of warm, spare clothing, footwear and a large towel.

No jewellery.

A changing robe is a great idea as it gives greater flexibility when changing after activity sessions.

You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit if you have one.- We provide wetsuits


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