In the Path of the Vikings – Battle of Skyhill

Adult £45.00 | Children £30.00 3 hours

Location: Meeting at Conrods Pizzeria at Mooragh Park, Ramsey

Date: Sat 22nd April | Time: 11:30pm – 2:30pm
Date: Sun 23rd April  | Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Date: Sat 17th June  | Time: 09:30pm – 12:30pm

  • Walk: 5k – Medium Walk
  • Canoe: 1 hour


A Soul Adventure not to be missed – In the Path of the Vikings – Battle of Skyhill. Walk and Canoe Journey, with homemade Manx Broth and Bonnag

We will start our journey with a minibus ride to the beginning of our walk. The exact location of the start of the walk will be weather dependant but will include a journey on foot through skyhill plantation and the surrounding areas before reaching our final destination, the site of the battle of Skyhill.

Famously, this is where Godred Crovan successfully battled with Manx forces in 1079 taking the Island from the ruling King, after he and his forces ascended the Sulby river in boats.

We will meet our canoes at the Sulby river and retrace the journey to Godred Crovan and his forces back down the river to Ramsey.

  • Walk: 5k – medium walk
  • Canoe: 1 hour


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